[Dubstep Mix] Neurosis Orchestra – “The Shadow Forest”

“why live if you can be buried for ten dollars?”

DJ Spooky – Dub Smasher (Play)
Subdub – Dawa Zangpo (Agriculture)
Loetech – Unitiy Gain (Dubplatelet)
Reso – Holograms (Pitch Black)
Mack Jiggah – TNS (Kool Pop)
Skream – I Loefah RMX (Tempa)
Mala – Blue Notes (DMZ)
Timeblind – Copy Copy (Soot)
Shackleton – You bring me down (Skull Disco)
L-Wiz – Centurion (Dub Police)
Skream – Deep Concentration (Tempa)
Neurosis Orchestra – 2tone (Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
Tech Itch – Metal (Ascension)
Innasekt – Archetype (Red Volume)
Neurosis Orchestra – Living Dead (Dub)
Blackmass Plastics – Kick it VIP (Combat)
Dirty Needles 004 (Whitelabel)
Innasekt – Core (Sprengstoff)
Mathhead – Stagger Dub (Pitch Black)
Lohan – Mosquito Coast (Halo)
Moving Ninja – Blackout (Tectonic)
Neurosis Orchestra – Substar (Dub)
Christoph de Babalon – Is it right? (Alright) (Digital Hardcore Recordings)
Geroyche/ Wintermute – The Thing (Kougai / Suburban Trash)
Geroyche/ Wintermute – Body Talk (Kougai / Suburban Trash)
Alec Empire – 37.2 Pt.2 (Mille Plateaux)

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Mixed for the glory of the almighty Sprengstoff Recordings in August 2007

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