Auf der Suche nach der echten Kultur gegen den falschen Kommerz

“Young people are capable of taking part in democratic, organising communities that make a difference for themselves and others without interference from grownup social workers. That’s why it’s preferable that the Youth take care of their own culture as much as possible, that they are encouraged to do so and that under no circumstances constructive, cultural and selfmanaged Youth Houses like Jagtvej 69 and Dortheavej 63 should be actively fought against….We are fed up with the town’s ballclubs and youthclubs filled with rules and regulations and fed up with commercial discotheques, stinking with profitgreed and discrimination. We want genuineness, honesty and a life we have influence on. We are tired of social events closing when the party is at it’s peak, because nobody wants to work for free in a club with a boss. We decide when to close and start our parties, where they take place and what’s going to happen. We don’t have to consider tickets and profit, because we don’t care if we make money or not. Our culture is not about money, power and control…ulture is a common responsibility – that also goes for the parts of the culture, that doesn’t earn so much money. That’s true also for an Underground music culture, that the politicians might find untastefull and full of noise, but never the less is the nerve and meaning of life for other people. Promises of culturel diversity, culturel support and protection of culturel heritage and subcultures isn’t only about a few kinds of taste, while other tastes like the youthculture is represses with reductions and lack of funds or with teargass. Culture is much more than something a hundred years old or hanging on a white wall in a museum. Culture sometimes is fleeting, scaring, chaotic, childish and very difficult to relate to. We don’t buy our culture – and it isn’t for sale!”

Kommunique zur Besetzung des Dortheavej 63 im Rahmen von Ungdomshuset-Solidaritätsaktionen

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